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Moving Together connects you with rural transport solutions capable of tackling challenges faced in rural areas.

Rural communities have struggled with increasing amounts of transport facilities being moved from villages to surrounding towns. People in these villages must go somewhere to get key services, causing them to be too reliant on cars since public transport options are going down. Yet, cars are used less than 5 percent of the time on average.

Sharing journeys through car clubs and lift sharing can be a great way to reduce the expense and the impact on the environment, as well as a great opportunity to meet members of your community.

Being able to share a car or lift can be a huge help for people without their own vehicle, especially in areas without many transportation services. That's why sharing cars, vans and charge points on private driveways is part of the Moving Together solution for creating sustainable travel in rural areas. Community-led, trusted, peer-to-peer solutions can deliver low-cost services and economic, social, community and environmental benefits.

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