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Most home electric chargepoints are only used for a couple of nights a week. Make money by installing a charger on your driveway and sharing your electric car or van charger.

We connect electric vehicle owners with individuals or businesses who have electric car charging stations.

Learn out to find a local charger or rent out your existing one.

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Co Charger

Co Charger is accelerating electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Through our app, we help people who can’t install a charger at home, charge minutes away from home. Our Co Charger Hosts rent out their chargers, helping neighbours charge and encouraging everyone to swap to an EV more quickly.

Current stats:

  • 16k registered users

  • 5k Hosts – the 2nd biggest charging network in the UK

  • Over 3,000 sessions completed

Become a host

If you have a charge point at home, you probably only use it every few days – so why not make it earn its keep?  By becoming a Co Charger Host you can help your neighbours to make the switch to electric vehicles, and make a good income doing it!

It’s easy – the app looks after the arrangements and payments for you, and you don’t even need to be there when your neighbour charges.

Thanks to you, neighbours who can’t have their own home chargers will be able to make the switch away from fossil fuel motoring.  You’ll be helping make your neighbourhood cleaner and greener and you can make a good, regular income doing it.

Get the app and sign up today – it’s easy!

Become a chargee

If you’d like to switch to an electric vehicle, but have nowhere to install a charger, sign up with Co Charger and use a neighbour’s charger instead.  Co Charger is designed to replicate the benefits and ease of having a home charger – just with a longer walk to your door!

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