Need for peer-to-peer sharing

An introduction

Cut down on transport costs

Making use of peer-to-peer services can help you cut down on transport costs, provide additional transport options, and make money from your car and electric vehicle chargepoints. Putting an electric car or van chargepoint in your driveway could be a way to make some extra money. When there's a large influx of tourists, you could make your charger available more often to local people, visitors and local businesses looking for accessible chargepoints.

Most cars spend most of their time sitting idle. The average car or van in England is driven just 4 percent of the time, a figure that has barely changed in a quarter of a century. Most cars are either parked at home (73 per cent of the time) or parked at work for 23 per cent of the time. (source:

Car clubs are a great option to reduce the number of cars in a community, ensuring that people have access to a car (or a second vehicle) when they need it without needing to own it. The other advantage of a car club is the different sizes of vehicle available; you can drive a much smaller car if it's just you and another person, but have access to a bigger car when you have more people or a bigger load to take.

If you are a local business owner or resident with a driveway, you can think about offering a shared chargepoint even if you don't have an electric car or van yourself.

Better for the environment

Cars and vans alone were responsible for 18% of the UK's total domestic GHG emissions in 2021. If we got better at sharing vehicles, we could reduce congestion in the city and take better care of our community and the planet. That's why Moving Together helps people share cars, electric car or van chargers and lifts.


What if someone sharing my car or van drives it recklessly?  

We have partnered with operators that offer cover as part of their service see below

Hiyacar insurance -

Co-Charger insurance –

When it comes to insurance, theft or damage occurring when carrying out a charger session is likely to be covered by your car insurance in the same way as when you are on the public road. The Host's household insurance may also cover damage to the Host's property, but this is less certain. We advise both Hosts and Chargees to check with their insurer just in case they need to make a claim.